Dave King…The New Messiah…

Or rather the old Messiah revisited.

Like many before him Dave King is being hailed as the new saviour of the phoenix football club that arose from the ashes of the terminally ill and dying Rangers.

It is amazing how Dave King’s statement of yesterday that he…”had lost £20mill already investing in Rangers, and was not averse to investing another £30mill”…in the new club, was translated to ‘Dave King wants to invest £50mill in Rangers mark 2’.

Perhaps King is genuine and will do as he says, but he must surely be wary of the danger that any new investment will disappear down the same black hole as last years IPO £20mill.

King may be ‘The’ Rangers last hope.

But it’s a slim one.

Competing With Celtic…Rangers Holy Grail…

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Despite our hopes that after the AGM we would see a big improvement in the way Rangers was being run, the club remains in crisis.

(Unrealistic expectations always lead to disappointment)

We have had to take expensive short term loans just to keep paying bills. Mysterious shareholders at Blue Pitch and Margarita, still hold disproportionate influence through the Easdales and the board has refused to engage properly with Dave King who wants to provide funds to help the club.

(Dave King wants to provide funds all right, with other people’s money.)

The squad and the club infrastructure needs urgent one-off investment.

(A one off investment? The IPO last year raised £22mill which was squandered in record time. A new injection of funds may result in more of the same)
We can’t compete with Celtic on our return to the Premiership without building the club back up over the next year.

(Now we get to the crux of the matter. The hunger to compete with Celtic is a sure sign Rangers miss Celtic more than Celtic miss Rangers)